E.S. Metal dates back to 1985 when Eric Schleich welded together a stone boat in his basement for an oxen pull at the Terryville Fair. He then took that small profit to expand into his basement, then to a garage in his Harwinton, CT home. From those humble beginnings came a steady and controlled growth that eventually led to rented space in Torrington, CT. Finally with a need for even more space, Schleich proceeded to put up a building in Terryville, CT., which has since been expanded four times. E.S. Metal has thrust itself into a leadership position as one of the nation's premier fabricators of precision metal products, ranging in size from a few inches to some so large, they must be erected on site.

E.S. Metal is no longer the new kid on the block, but one of proven performance with engineering and fabrication procedures that have remedied problems for companies, both well-known or not so-well known.

The latest addition to E. S. Metal.

Finished renovations as viewed from the sky.