E.S. Metal's products are used in all kinds of situations. With expertise and experience in a number of industries, the combination of experience and new technology boosted by an aggressive work ethic has developed remedies for numerous companies, just as it will for you!

Among the industries served are,

Customized systems are an E.S. speciality. The ability to design and manufacture a complete turnkey operation has been a major factor in the success of E.S. Metal. This thinking brings new solutions to old and new problems-solutions utilizing vast imaginations that offer breakthroughs in cost and profit margins for customers. So confident is E.S. Metal in its products that it can virtually guarantee years and even decades of trouble- free use.

Nowhere is E.S. Metal more unique then in its customer service. There is never an answering machine or voice mail. A live operator takes all calls and hands them off to the appropriate party. The phone is serious stuff at E.S. Metal!

When necessary, representatives or engineers make on-site calls. It is these services that distinguish E.S. Metal.

E.S. Metal worked with the U.S. military to manufacture thousands of armored shields that provide much-needed protection for Humvee gunners in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The unit utilizes existing features of Humvee design for quick installation onto the overhead turret. Manufactured in kit form, the units can be shipped overseas and installed on the Humvees.

New machinery and efficient production at E.S. Metal has allowed us to develop an afforable unit quickly that is helping to save lives on the battlefield, says Eric Schleich, president of E.S. Metal.

Eric Schleich in an assembled Turret


Flywheel Guard

Control Cabinet

Control Cabinet

WWII F4U Corsair Wing Spar

WWII F4U Corsair Wing Spar