Today, E.S. Metal has a 30,000 square foot facility manufacturing a wide variety of products. Through a process of consultation with customers, E.S. Metal has continued to meet and exceed the most demanding delivery requirements with superior quality as it strives to retain the reputation of being " A Good Company To Do Business With." E.S. continues to maintain a strict sense of integrity and understanding for the benifit of cutomers, markets and employees.

E.S. Metal is a recognized leader in precision metal fabrications. In addition to specialized one-of-a-kind customized products, E.S. Metal also fabricates multiple-piece orders for quick delivery. Whether it be so large that it requires a flat-bed for delivery or so small that it can be carried in a ring box, E.S. Metal has the skill and the capacity to satisfy any need.

Because E.S Metal is customer driven, it is quick to answer customer inquiries. Solutions always involve a comprehensive look at what the customer is trying to achieve. The result is an integrated system that will provide the accuracy and longevity clients require. Customers know that E.S. Metal is the answer when they are looking for leadership, innovation, reliablilty and worldwide support and service.

The very existence of E.S. Metal is its innovative way of recognizing the need and providing a solution. Quality, affordability and the necessity of a quick turn-around are the qualities that drive E.S. Metal - no questions asked!

Lead-lined Nuclear Containment

Custom Railing

Fabricated Funnel

Industrial Washer

Steel Brace

Large Oven

Parts Washer